venus and mars

October 04, 2012

yes, You did revive my soul :')


waterfall tears
can't say a word :(

i know that You could easily
take away everything You've given to me
and i try to remember
not to take anything for granted
cause i know that one day
suddenly this will all come to an end
so my last wish is for You to be pleased with me
Allah, ya Allah
guide me all the way to Your jannah
ya Allah, ya Allah
don't let me go astray cause i need you
by my side i wish to be closed
close to you throughout my life
ya Allah, o Allah
be with me all the way
i know that sometimes i do
i do forget that my next breath could be the last
forgive me cause i can't thank You enough
forgive me when i doubt your love
now i pray for that day
when all this stops and comes to an end
so my last wish is for You to be pleased with me
day by day passes
and i think my time could be near
so i pray o God let this world be in my hands
and not in my heart
cause soon i'll have to leave it
ooh guide me all the way
don't let me go astray


Song: Guide Me All The Way
Artist: Maher Zain
Album: Forgive Me

foot note: sila search sendiri lagu ini di youtube. saya sangat malas nak meng-attach nya di blog cikai ini. anda sangatlah tidak cool dan awesome sekiranya anda tidak pergi menontonnya di youtube.eheh

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